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Dungeon Masters was originally designed to be a very capable dungeon-crawler with a fully featured level editor,  campaign mode and more.

Dungeon Masters is currently on hold indefinitely, but the latest stable version has been outfitted to be playable by the general public, so all our hard work hasn't gone to waste!

Note: Only the campaign mode is currently available. If you find a way into the level editor, great, but there's nothing there yet.

A bit about Dungeon Masters (The original concept, at least)

Dungeon Masters is a dungeon-crawler with a decent campaign. That's not  the main attraction. This game features a fully-fledged level editor and browser, so you can upload your levels and share them with your friends, in more ways than one.

Dungeon Masters features full online multiplayer so you can play with up to three friends to make tackling those devious player-made labyrinths a little less challenging. Online multiplayer is also available for the campaign mode!

What's more, you have a choice of any of 5 different characters to choose from, each with different weapons, stats and abilities! (The only character playable in this demo is Oliver, but he's so adorable I think it's fine.)

So what's playable?

Here's a list of everything this very short teaser includes:

  • Campaign mode
  • One character
  • Only 4 playable levels, with extremely simple puzzles
  • No music, but a couple sounds!
  • Lots of amazing art done by our amazing artist! (Credits below!)
  • No really, the art is the best part
  • (Mostly) Fully developed character mechanics, health, stamina, combat etc.
  • I'm especially proud of the stamina thing, the way it integrates with combat is very simple but effective
  • Level-up system is very rudimentary, but it is there in some form!


Art direction:  Katy Bisson // Twitter @spookyfoxinc

Coding / Systems:  Pip Fox // Twitter @_underscore_Fox

Sound Design:  Joe Comber // Twitter @jnjcomber

Directing / Management:  Pip Fox

Level Design:  Joe Comber, Pip Fox

Art / Animation:  Katy Bisson

Writing / Story:  Joe Comber


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